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Group Central Party held the fourth collective study in 2014
Bao Shuangjiang seminar, Liu Ailin spoke, Gao Wenhuan presided over the lecture
Release time:2014-07-15


    In July 10th, Group Central Party held the fourth collective learning in 2014. Member of the Party committee, Vice President Bao Shuangjiang made a seminar entitled "To build new organization structure is the key to making a good business model". Chairman Liu Ailin speech. Member of the Party committee, President Gao Wenhuan presided over the collective learning.
    In the seminar, Bao Shuangjiang from "recognize situation, positive coping, firmly grasp the chance of survival. Build a new organization structure, innovation of operation mechanism, enhance the internal driving force. To mobilize, strongly promote the challenge, ensure reform into three aspects practice" teaching the traditional enterprises face and the coping strategies, the business model reform group in particular reform of system and mechanism is the importance, urgency, and focuses on how to reform the system of innovation mechanism and the implementation of security for nearly 2.5 hours tells. Bao Shuangjiang said, faced with enormous changes in the external environment, reforming business model is an inevitable choice in  Mengxi, and change internal organizational structure design, the key institutional mechanisms are not able to develop a good business model. He said the essence of business is to solve the dynamic balance of the external environment, business objectives and internal conditions between the three. With the advent of the Internet era, people's way of life, way of thinking and business models are changing in subversive. "All for customers" is no longer the enterprise do window dressing slogans, it has become the enterprise real action, and become an important guiding ideology of organizational change. In the era of the Internet economy, market opportunities fleeting, companies alone have not, and have to rely on outside resources and strength to compensate for integration, as well as make their own internal resources or external function and coordination, utilization and integration in order to achieve "win-win" objective. This trend allows businesses and enterprises, organizations within the enterprise boundaries are increasingly blurred and virtualization, showing the formation of a strategic alliance and staff virtualization, virtualization capabilities and virtual chemical plant. Coupled with the impact of domestic macroeconomic policies on the environment and traditional enterprises, such as the economy continues downward pressure to upgrade pressures, resource and environmental constraints increase, and so on, to our business philosophy, management and resource allocation made a lot of new challenge.Our current business model is built on the basis of a stable environment, the basic starting point is to control the management of the organization, so at the current business model is difficult to solve the above problems. In this regard, the reform of the business model, through optimal integration of internal and external resources to adapt to the environment, to keep operating the "three elements" homeostasis, will be the only choice Mengxi Group.
    Bao Shuangjiang from the three aspects of the main reasons the subsidiary business model reform program delays forming. And on the organization of the institutional mechanisms of change in the business model in which the status of the reform presented their views, he said, from the enterprise value chain, a complete business model involves three aspects: market interactive sessions, internal and external links collaborative links. Although the value of each company to locate and select a different profit model, but they need to seriously study the internal links, especially the internal design of the institutional mechanisms of change, because the business model transformation from a design blueprint for the performance results must be performed by a business organization to go, no a high efficiency, low cost, adaptable organization for support, landing business model will be impossible.
    For the current pyramid organizational structure and institutional mechanisms Mengxi Group, he noted the presence of four "inappropriate": First, too many layers of management and the Internet economy era efficient management requirements are incompatible. Second, bloated, overstaffed and maximize sales expenses minimized advanced management concepts suited. Third, complex, rigid management processes and rapidly changing market environment are incompatible. Fourth, the current mechanism and allow enterprises to play to their full potential to become a platform not meet the requirements.Specifically, he re-organization from the optimization process, and establish a market value chain link. Reduce management layers, building flat organizational structure. Weakening control functions, outstanding service and support functions. Establishment of a central control system and mechanism operating system, production line equipment running unified control. Draw small accounting unit, the introduction of market-based mechanisms proposed five measures to reform and mechanism innovation and methods. Meanwhile, in order to draw a small accounting unit as the main content of the amoeba operating modes are described in detail, and the implementation of various enterprise business model amoeba six proposals. Finally, to ensure the implementation of various methods and measures, he proposed to strengthen publicity and education, so that full consensus. Founded Reform Leading Group, and vigorously promote the reform. Ready before the competition for jobs, competition for jobs and programs to ensure the smooth landing docking safeguards.
    On the meeting, Chairman Liu Ailin for this lecture even praise three point. First, Praise the actual contact closely, down to earth, in line with the actual group company.  Second  is for the original thinking, put forward the dynamic balance theory of the three elements of the business and the virtual factory, personnel, functions and other new management theory.  Third praise for the development of a business model with strong guidance. He pointed out that, the business model for why drag failed, there are three reasons: one is not down to earth, the conception of the contents, operational and implement the little, external resources integration did not go out, not for docking and negotiations with the resources, did not form long-term relations of cooperation and security mechanism of mutual benefit and external resources. Second, form wrong way, did not elaborate business model with regulatory language, there is no long-term business development guidance regulatory documents.  Third, there is the method bias, every business model should be composed of three parts: the main parts, accessories based on information technology and business process platform, attachment consists of two parts: an institutional system of systems and mechanisms, a negative list. Clear forms and methods, the first idea of a good process, and secondly to define what each module should assume the functions, and finally determine how each module should operate so as to develop the Group's business model reform program to further clarify the ideas.
    Gao Wenhuan concluding remarks. He said the chairman Liu Erin again on how to develop a business model made an important speech, pointed out direction for the next step. Bao speech of great guiding significance lectures focus group on stage, and I hope the participants to seriously understand the specific measures and methods are implemented.If any of the reform ideology does not understand, it is difficult to promote, in particular to optimize the organizational structure involves the vital interests of each person, but also require a better understanding of the management staff, employees take the initiative to advocacy work, so in full awareness of the under the current economic situation, the implementation of the reform of the business model and organizational optimization is Mengxi only choice, we must stand in relation to the height of the survival of treated Mengxi reform, be strongly promoted.
    Members of the Group company party, the company headquarters and corporate middle management staff members participate in the study.

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